Portable Wireless Amplifier PAS-767 (ID-916)

Portable Wireless Amplifier PAS-767

Wireless SEKAKU Portable Sound PAS 767 Small, compact, lightweight and is perfectly suited for performers, teachers, motivational speakers, corporate trainers and anyone who needs a powerful, easy to use PA system that gets the job done! A high quality High Band Wireless microphone system built-in! This will cover LARGE audiences yet weighs only 5 pounds! AC/DC Operation Comes with BOTH Headset and Lapel Microphones! ..,.can be powered by 110 volt or 220 volt AC power OR with a 12 volt battery for those outdoor events. COVERS AUDIENCES OF UP TO 500 EFFORTLESSLY! This PA is designed to be highly efficient and outperforms larger, more expensive and more powerful systems! Its AMAZING! Auxiliary input to hook up tape deck, CD, extra mic, etc. Set it up in under one minute.

Portable Wireless Amplifier PAS-767

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