Portable Amplifier SIMSONIC RTA-301 (ID-917)

Portable Amplifier SIMSONIC RTA-301

SIMSONIC   RTA-301      Watt: 35W


Made In China    


Wireless Hand Microphone : 1pcs

Wireless Pocket / Tie  Microphone : 1pcs 

Head Microphone: 1pcs

Remote Control

Voice Recording system

Digital Display


Product Features:


Host technical parameters

Function parameter

Output power 35W (MAX)

VHF 180-270MHz frequency range

SNR ≥80dB

Supply voltage AC-220V / 50Hz; DV-12V-15V

Built-in battery 12V / 1.2Ah rechargeable battery

FM receiving mode

Output impedance 600Ω

Distortion <0.05%

Effective Distance 100M

Speaker tritone 4Ω 6.5 "

Dimensions 180 x 110 x 285mm

Features USB / SD / FM

Transmitter Technical Data

Function parameter

Transmitting power 10mW

Voltage DC-9V

Power consumption 30mA

Deputy harmonic <40dB

Frequency stability of ± 0.005% with a temperature compensated quartz oscillation locking

Portable Amplifier SIMSONIC RTA-301

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